This week’s learning

24.2.17: To start Spring 2 we had another Health and Wellbeing morning with a focus on positive mental health. This was in support of Children’s Mental Health Week, organised by The Duchess of Cambridge’s charity Place2Be, which took place earlier in February. Visit


Social/Emotional Activity 1

Children learned about different feelings within themselves and in within other people and looked at how we can help someone when they are feeling sad. Teachers spoke to the children about how everyone experiences ‘big’ feelings from time to time and that there are things we can do to feel better. One of those things is to spread a little kindness. We explored what being kind means and looked at things we can do to show kindness.

Children’s quotes:

“Use kind words” (Zaffie, Caterpillars)

“We can make our friends laugh if they feel sad” (William, Rainbow Bugs)

“We can be kind by sharing” (James, June Bugs)

Emotional Activity 2: Anxiety – Starving the Anxiety Gremlin

We talked about how sometimes we can worry and have anxiety. We talked about what anxiety is (worries, fears) and what we can do if we are feeling worried.

Teachers spoke to the children about how important it is to talk about your. Then everyone in the school went onto the playground and blew bubbles outside to represent talking about, and then blowing, your worries away!

Children’s quotes:

“I blew away my worried feeling and sad feeling” (David, Incy Wincy Spiders)

We also had our Commotion In The Ocean Hook Day – thank you all so much for your fantastic efforts with costumes. The children were really enthused and came up with lots of ideas about what they wanted to find out this half term!

Our ten chicks have now all hatched and have moved into their larger box from the incubator. The children all watched the first egg hatching at Registration on Wednesday, and have been very keen to visit them at every opportunity. Each class has been visited by the chicks already and we look forward to seeing them grow and change while they are with us next week. Please note that chick cam will be out of action this weekend while the chicks holiday with one of the staff!

Have a lovely weekend!


10.2.17: On Thursday we rounded off our Around the World topic with an engaging and inspiring World Music workshop, one of the enrichment activities funded by your voluntary contributions. The children first listened to an assembly with Jim, who shared music and instruments from Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean and China. Then each class had an individual workshop where they were introduced to some different percussion instruments: djembe drum, snare drum, bass drum, and a variety of gongs. Jim encouraged the children to dance, clap and count while exploring the different rhythms. Each of the children played an instrument as part of a piece of group music, following Jim’s instructions as conductor. We all finished the day very inspired!

Have a lovely half term break.

3.2.17: This week in Maths we have been focusing on different ways of making five. The children have worked individually and in small groups and teams to investigate combinations of objects that add up to five by counting on as they add objects. We also introduced the ten frame (a grid of ten squares) and investigated different ways to show five using counters on the ten frame.


We have also written postcards to our family and friends and have learned about American painter Jackson Pollock. The children have explored splat and drip painting, as you might have noticed from the speckled faces coming home!


27.1.17: This week we have been exploring flags and made class flags, each with a drawing from every pupil, to show how we include all our friends.

We have been writing our pizza recipes and continuing to work on subtraction using objects.

We have been working hard on our sounds ur, ow, oi; recapping tricky words he, we, she, me, be, was; and learning new high frequency words now and down. See if you can make a silly sentence together with either of these!