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Health and Wellbeing Autumn 1 Review

In Health and Wellbeing this half term we learnt lots of new things about how to make and maintain friendships. This is part of our social strand of Health and Wellbeing.

Knowledge we have gained:

We have learnt about the importance of making and maintaining friends.  We have learnt that our bodies and feelings can be hurt, as well as, knowing that being kind helps to maintain friendships.  We have also learnt about the importance of working cooperatively and what we can do to help us solve conflict.

Skills we have learnt and used: 

We have learnt how to use kind words and hands and how to work well in a team. We have learnt lots of skills to help us solve our conflicts, such as: rock,paper scissors, walking away, taking deep breaths,  using our indoor voices and listening to each other.

This Week’s Learning


We started the week by editing our  non-chronological report. Then we had a fun art day where we learnt all about the artist Tracy Hall. We explored her art work and then experimented using different materials and techniques. This helped us to decide what techniques we would like use when we create our piece of art work. We finished the week by writing about what we have learnt in our topic Growing up and what we enjoyed learning about the most.


This Week in maths we have been continuing to learn about addition. We used tens frames and counters to add two two-digit numbers. We added together numbers that made more than ten and used our number bonds to help us. On the tens frame, we moved the counters over so that we could bridge 10 and then add the remaining part. For example, for 17 + 15 we would do 17 + 3 first to make 20 and then add the remaining 12 to make 32. We ended the week by using a place value grid to help us add two two-digit numbers together.

YGL and Phase Leader Awards

The children have done fantastically well at settling into their new year group.  We, as teachers, have all had many conversations about how well they are doing. In addition to awarding children class teacher awards, in very special cases, children may earn a Year Group Leader or Phase Leader Award for something exceptional or consistently displaying the same skill. This half term we are pleased to announce the following children have earned these awards.

Year Group Leader









Phase Leader