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French – Free Application For Home Learning

Dear Parents/Carers,

We would like to let you know about the new password for the online site dedicated to French, that we use in the school. Children can also use this site at home to practice topics we are covering in class.

The online address is:

(username: avenueacad   NEW password: london1234)

Once they log in, you go to beginners à French and there they can find a variety of topics. The first box is the presentation, where students can listen and repeat names of French words whilst looking at the same time what these words mean; the rest of the activities are games like hangman, multiple choice, memory game, match the pairs, snap, jumbled letters, word search and many more. Through these games the students are practicing all 4 language skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking & Writing).

Children can practice whenever they choose and the more they practise the more confident they become. Hopefully, they will enjoy it.

Looking forward to hearing all about their practise at home in class!

Mrs Petrakaki

Year 3 Swimming

Children must bring in their swimming kit on the day their class swims. This must include a 1-piece swimming costume for girls or swimming trunks for boys, a swimming hat, towel, pool shoes and optional goggles. Children will not be allowed to swim with earrings in. If children can’t remove these themselves, you will need to remove them at home. Costumes and trunks need to be tight fitting. Swimming hats need to be labelled on the outside with a permanent marker. The school have a limited number of swimming hats at £2.99 should anyone want to buy one.

Please note – There has been a change of day for 3B’s swimming
. It is now on a Thursday.