Celebration of Learning

Well done to everyone for their hard work this half term.

Our next celebration of learning post will be on the 5th June.

Yash has made Mrs Streeter’s recipe for flapjacks. He also made guacamole.  Freddie and Lily were both learning about money. They created a shop and Lily bought items with coins and Freddie worked out how much change was needed. He enjoyed learning about shading in art and also made a dip. Isabella has written a poem for Miss Kite’s challenge about Spring and has been sketching. Leo has written a poem about lockdown for Miss Kite’s challenge. Samuel had fun designing his own healthy dip.  He mixed squash, avocado, mango, baked beans, lemon, cheese and guava sweet. He created what he called “Big-Dip” it was delicious! Serin has been working hard completing her home learning.

Vihaan has created a PowerPoint presentation about human body. He has also made some origami. He made a few boats and coloured them. Amir has written a shape poem. Emisha has been very busy this week. Ananya has written a graphic novel, tried out Avacado dip and made a zoo.  Marco has been sketching an apple and has carefully shaded it. He has also written about invertebrates, vertebrates, exoskeletons and endoskeletons. Ethan wrote a poem about Cherry. He worked really hard on including the similes and onomatopoeia as well. Annabelle wrote a birthday shape poem for her cats Albus and Elphaba who will be 1 in July.

Rory has created a shape poem. Emilijus has created a treasure map. Leo and Isabella have written shape poems this week. They also enjoyed learning all about Ramadan & Eid in RE. Leo made a lantern, star and crescent moon decoration and Isabella baked Eid biscuits, which are delicious. Elsa and Joanna made a delicious guacamole recipe. They added lots of garlic as we didn’t have onion, but it was delicious! Rachel wrote a poem about watermelon.  As it is Ramadan, Sophia decided she wanted to keep a fast. She was determined to succeed and did it! Alana created a poem about watermelons.

Masa has been learning lots about gardening including harvesting what we’ve been growing. He has grown rhubarb and made a tart with it! It was Masa’s and Ruby’s Birthday on Tuesday and they made their own birthday cake and had a picnic in the garden! Avi has been completing his maths home learning, which includes learning about different shapes and angles. Hiba has been working hard on her topic and maths home learning. Brandon has learnt about healthy and unhealthy food in French.