This Week’s Learning


This week in topic we have had a DT (Design and Technology) focus. We started the week by learning all about puppets. We learnt what they were, why they were made and that there are many different types. We worked in groups to evaluate a variety of puppets, deciding if they were suitable or not. We then learnt more about a shadow puppet and then designed our own to retell the story of Snow White. We really enjoyed making our own shadow puppets and our teachers were very proud of us. We finished the week by looking at lots of different playscripts. We worked in groups to role play them, ready to write our own next week.


We started the week by continuing with column multiplication. We learnt how to exchange in both the ones and tens column. We then introduced the children to the idea of division with remainders. We used sticks to help us visualise this. Each group had 21 sticks and was asked to make as many squares as possible. The children realised that this could not be done as they would have one left over. We then wrote this as a number sentence (e.g. 21 = 5 x 4 + 1)