This Week’s Learning


This week, we had so much fun planting seeds. We filled up plant pots with soil and got to plant carrot or basil seeds. After we covered over the seeds with some more soil, we made sure that we gave them some water and put them in the sunlight so that they could grow. next we found out that we would be writing our very instructions to help someone learn how to plant a seed. We had a look at some pictures of us planting them and gathered vocabulary to help us write our instructions. Once we had done this, we planned our instructions and the finally we wrote them.


This week in maths we have been revising some of the concepts we have learnt througout the year. This has included 2D and 3D shape, measure (length, capacity, mass and temperature), money and statistics. We solved a variety of different problems involving all of these whilst practising our addition and subtraction skills.