Health and Wellbeing Morning (8th January)

During the Autumn term, our Genius time focus was perseverance. We can define perseverance as ‘persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Finding new ways of learning something that you need to know to make sure you achieve your goal’. We can show perseverance by: never giving up, trying our best, setting some goals for ourselves or asking for help if we need it. The children enjoyed the challenges posed by their genius time activities, which prompted this half-term’s Health and Wellbeing focus.

Activity 1: Emotional Activity – Stuck 

We read Stuck by Oliver Jeffers which is the story of a little boy who perseveres to retrieve a kite from a tree through a range of strategies. The story demonstrates that everyone can strive to achieve their goals.

We thought of an activity that we would like to persevere with and how we could achieve this. We recorded it in kite so that we can remind ourselves of our goal and how to get there.

Activity 2: Physical Activity – The Haka Challenge

We completed a perseverance quiz and were able to identify the strategies and phrases used when persevering, such as “Keep going!”, “I’m not going to give up!”, “The more I try, the better I’ll become!” and “I can do this!”. We discussed the fact that in order to succeed, we sometimes need to work together. We then persevered as a team to learn and perform a ceremonial Haka dance.

Activity 3: Physical Activity – Team Spirit!

We talked about the fact that sometimes you need other people to help you to succeed; it is not always down to the individual. We therefore worked as a team to complete a marble run which required team perseverance in order to overcome different obstacles. We had to lay down tape on our table to create a maze and blow to get our marble through our maze. We discovered that when working in a group, the key to perseverance is good communication and patience.