Card Ban

There has been a persistent problem in the playground with trading cards; for example, children swap the cards and then decide they want them back or lose them completely.  This is causing great upset amongst the children and is very difficult to resolve as it is only word of mouth, they are not identifiable as anyone’s!

So that the school can spend more time encouraging positive play and supporting friendships, the school has decided these cards will be banned.  This means that children with cards will have them taken away and returned at the end of the day.  Please support us with this decision and do not allow your child to bring them into school.

This is a permanent, school-wide ban and it will be actioned consistently in all year groups.

Please see below some examples of the types of card that are now banned:

N.B. These are examples and it is not an exhaustive list. All cards of this nature will be confiscated.