Summer 1 Health and Wellbeing Morning – Celebrating our Health and Wellbeing Learning 

This week, we reflected on and celebrated all the new skills we have learned in Health and Wellbeing so far this year.

Social skills and knowledge we have learned:

Quotes from the children:

Adam: “Lots of the children knew how to make friends with me when I was new to the class.”

Pennie: “I asked Elizabeth if she wanted to play when she joined our class. She is now my friend.”

Emotional and mental health skills and knowledge we have learned:

Quotes from the children:

Rishaan: “If I am feeling angry I now walk away and count to 10.”

Ethan: “I use my glitter bottle if I feel worried. I watch the glitter calm down and it calms me down.”

Skills Wheels

Each child made a skills wheel to remind them of all the skills they have learned to help them manage their feelings and emotions and develop their social skills.

What Makes Me Great

To develop their self-esteem, each child thought about and celebrated what makes them individual and things about themselves that they should be proud of.

Health and Wellbeing is a whole-school priority and we are very proud of how much our pupils have learned this year. Below is a poster for parents detailing how we teach Health and Wellbeing at Avenue Primary Academy. Poster attached to email.

Poster of HWB at Avenue