This Week’s Learning (w/b 26.03.18)


We had a busy week becoming bakers! We started the week by designing our very own animal shaped bread. We  drew our designs and carefully labelled them. Next we had to follow a recipe and mix all the ingredients to make the dough. Then we left the dough to rise and we were all amazed because  it had almost doubled in size. Then we shaped our dough into animals and sent them off to the oven. Finally when the bread was cooked we got to eat it and evaluate what went well and what we would do differently next time. To end our week we reflected on our fantastic topic ‘ carnival of the animals’.



This week in our maths lessons, we have been recapping how to divide by sharing objects between equal groups. We began by using bean bags and shared them between hoops. Next we shared using counters and drawing circles. For example if we had 10 shared between 2, we would draw 2 circles and share the 10 counters between each of the circles. We then explained to the children that ‘shared between’ means the same as the ‘÷’ symbol and spoke about the word divide. The children were able to used what they had learnt to answer  simple division sums for example 6 ÷ 2 by drawing 2 groups and sharing 6 counters between the 2 groups.