Health and Wellbeing Morning Spring 2

This half term our health and well being morning was all about being brave. We took part in lots of activities to help understand what bravery is and when we might need to be brave.

Activity 1: Being brave

We watched some videos which related to people facing their fears and talked about how they must have felt when they needed to be brave. We then shared with our class a time when we felt we needed to be brave and how it made us feel.

Activity 2: Brave cartoon characters

We worked in groups and came up with some definitions and examples of being brave. We then used these to create our own brave cartoon character and wrote the qualities that they had which made them brave.

Activity 3: Finding our brave and overcoming fears

We watched the song ‘This is me’ from the Greatest Showman and discussed what we thought the song was about and how being our true selves is sometimes the bravest thing we can do. We then filled out cards and anonymously wrote one thing we thought we were good at or enjoyed and one thing we find difficult. Our teacher then read some out and we talked together about how someone could overcome their difficulties. We also learned that it is normal to find some things difficult and even adults have to ‘find their brave’ to help them do things they are scared of.

Health and Wellbeing Spring 2

This half term our Health and Wellbeing focus is Relationships (Being Safe).

We will be learning personal boundaries; to identify what they are willing to share with their most special people; friends; classmates and others. We will also learn that each person’s body belongs to them, and the differences between appropriate and inappropriate or unsafe physical, and other, contact. 

We will learn how to respond safely and appropriately to adults they may encounter (in all contexts, including online) whom they do not know and who to speak to if they have any concerns.

Class Teacher Awards

Well Done to all of Year 3 for another fantastic week! Your teachers are extremely proud of you all! The following children were awarded a class teacher award:

3B – Coco and Saiyuj

3F – Mitchell and Imani

3G – Savannah and Swarit

3H – Evie and Adriana

3S – Florence, Sophia and Emisha

A huge well done to Samairah and Tulsi for receiving Year Group Leader Awards!