Green Fingered Kids Voucher Scheme – Woodcote Garden Centre.

Green Fingered Kids is a home-grown initiative, now in its 14th year, which seeks to encourage children within the local area to pick up their gardening gloves and step outside!
This initiative works through a voucher scheme, that runs during the Spring, in which customers can collect vouchers from their in-store purchases (25p for every £10 spent) and donate these to local schools and youth groups who are signed up to the Green Fingered Kids initiative. These vouchers are then claimed back and can be spent in-store on products which benefits the children’s gardening experience.
Woodcote Garden Centre are proud to run this scheme as not only does it encourage children to step outside and begin gardening but schools, and youth groups, have used the money to help create interactive lessons to teach kids about the importance of the environment, healthy eating and the natural life cycle. Please give the vouchers to your child’s teacher. Happy collecting!

Class Teacher Awards

What a great week in Year 2! All the children have continued to show how hard working and respectful they are. The children who really stood out were:

Butterfly: Adam, Lucy and Mitchel

Dragonfly: Serin and Charlie

Glow Worm: Avsin

Millipede: JJ and Adriana

Tiger Moth: Liana and James H

This Week’s Learning


This week in topic we listened to the story about Percy the Park Keeper. We gathered vocabulary from the story to help us plan our diary. After this, we planned a diary as if we were Percy. We thought about what happened throughout his day. We drew pictures to help us remember our sentences. Over a few lessons we then wrote our diaries.


This week in maths we started the week by recapping how to subtract using column method. We discussed that when you subtract you cannot swap the numbers around like you can do when you add, therefore, sometimes we need to exchange. We then moved on to money. We recapped our knowledge of coins and made amounts in different ways.