This Week’s Learning


This week in Topic we have learnt all about the Aboriginal people of Australia! We had an exciting ‘Aboriginal Afternoon’ where we leant lots about the Aboriginal culture including their history, music and stories. We then used all of this knowledge to plan and write our very own non chronological report all about the Aboriginal people. We finished the week, and the term, by completing a ‘Down Under’ quiz. What a fun topic it has been!


We started the week by discussing the meaning of capacity and volume. We learnt that volume was the amount of liquid in a container and capacity was the maximum amount possible in each container. We then practiced reading containers with different scales, including when the water was in-between numbers. We then learnt how to use and read a thermometer to measure the temperature. We enjoyed measuring the temperature in both the classroom and outside. We finished the week by answering lots of questions about the different measures that we have learnt about.

Class Teacher Awards

What a fantastic last week of term it has been! All of the teachers are very proud of all of the children for their consistent hard work! This week the teachers would like to say a big well done to the following children:

Butterfly: Natallya and Seth

Dragonfly: Andrius, Kairo and Reyna

Glow Worm: Anushka and George

Millipede: Emilijus and Aadhya

Tiger Moth: Leo and Prisha

Get Caught Reading!

We want to see where your children are reading. Sometimes it can be the most peculiar places. Over the holidays, let’s see if your children can ‘Get Caught Reading’ a book. If you would like to share an image of your child enjoying a book, please send them into school with a small image. It can be them enjoying a book on the bus, swinging on the swings, at the beach, under a table or upside down on the sofa.

This is just a bit of fun and will also contribute to a whole school reading display. More importantly, it is to encourage children to read books more often and wherever they choose to, no matter if reading is beyond bedtime.