Wisley Trip – Parent Helpers

If you are available to be a parent helper for the Year 2 trip to Wisley please let your child’s class teacher know during the first week back.

Butterfly, Millipede and Tiger Moth classes will be going on Wednesday 24th April.

Glow Worm and Dragonfly classes will be going on Thursday 25th April.

You will be able to come into school at half past 8 and will be back at school for a normal pick up. Thank you in advance for offering your time to support this trip!

Health and Wellbeing Spring 1

In Health and Wellbeing this half term, we learned lots of new things about valuing differences.

Knowledge we have gained: We have learnt that other people are different to us and that it is good to be different. We have also learnt what bullying and cyber bullying is and why it is wrong.

Skills we have learnt and used: We learnt to explain what unique means and appreciate what skills are needed to complete group tasks. We have learnt to identify different types of bullying.

Reflections: ‘ Different means not the same and that is okay’ – Annabelle

‘They are both good friends but they liked different things’. – Rachel

‘If we was all the same we wouldn’t be able to tell who was who’. – George

Key vocabulary that we have learned: bullying, wrong, unacceptable, different, same, likes, dislikes, unhappy, accepting.

Genius Time Spring 1

This half term in Genius Time we have been learning about perseverance. This is the art of persisting in a task even when success is delayed or finding it very hard! It’s a vital learning skill and will help children to take risks and welcome challenge instead of developing a fear of failing.

We have presented children with challenging activities that have also been fun to try to introduce the concept through:

  • Extreme Experiments
  • Spring Art
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Sports Safari
  • Positive Play
  • Team Challenge
  • Show Stoppers

We have given them some sentence stems to try and help them think about the things they say e.g. I am proud of…, I liked the way I…, I like the idea to…, Next time we could try… . These sentences are to try and get them to see learning as a process and notice the little steps that happen along the way. Please look at the photos below of the different activities we have tried!

Class Teacher Awards

What a great last week of half term we have all had! All the teachers are very proud of all the children for their hard work this half term! This week the teachers would like to say a big well done to the following children:

Butterfly: Keshika and Aidan

Dragonfly: Sophia

Glow Worm: Zaffie and Akaansha 

Millipede: Thuvaraka and Swarit

Tiger Moth: Pennie