This Week’s Learning


In Maths this week we began by practising using bar models to complete subtraction calculations. Different word problems required us to draw different models and we looked carefully at questions in which the bars were drawn incorrectly to challenge our knowledge.

For example, a reduction question required us to draw a bar model on a straight line rather than two bars on top of each other.


This week in Topic we have had a DT focus where we have designed and made our own Christmas gift bags made from recycled materials. We started by thinking about the different types and purposes of bags and thought about how bags are designed and created for a particular target market. We then looked at examples of shopping bags made from recycled materials such as drinks cartons and metal ring pulls. These were very interesting as they worked perfectly as shopping bags and also help to protect our environment.

We then evaluated different types of Christmas gift bags and made our own class design criteria for the type of bag we would be making. This was to ensure that the bags would be suitable for their purpose, as well as fun for Christmas gifts!

After carefully planning our designs we used a variety of recycled materials, as well as several techniques to make our bags. We all had to use weaving and sewing to add decoration but could also try plaiting, gluing, paper folding and knotting. Our final designs were successful but we realised that many of our plans had been over ambitious!

Timestable Rockstars

Today in Year 3 we have relaunched Times Tables Rock Stars. All the children have been given their username and password which has been stuck on the inside of their liaison books. We have set up battles for the children to take part in and we will be regularly checking to see how the children are getting on. We would love it if you could encourage your child to go on there at home.


The Year 3 Team