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This Week’s Learning – w.b. 19.02.18


This week has been an exciting introduction to our new topic ‘Carnival of the Animals’.  We started the week by exploring different media such as pastels, paint, crayons and tissue paper to make animal print. We then became artists and used our media to create our very own animal masks! We used smudging, careful cutting and sticking skills to make our masks. Next we learnt lots of fascinating facts about some common animals. Did you know that goldfish do not blink because they have no eyelids! And yes, this means they sleep with their eyes open. Finally we compared the different animals and we were able to sort them into groups according to their features.


In Maths this week we have been looking at measuring length and height. We have used the key vocabulary taller, shorter and longer to compare two or more objects. We went exploring around the classroom to compare items such as stationary and toy animals. Next we used non- standard units to measure objects such as cubes to investigate height and length. We found out that a glue stick is 5 cubes long! We had lots of fun investigating the height and length of objects in our classroom.

Class Teacher Awards

Well done to the following children who have received Class Teacher awards since the start of the academic year for demonstrating one of the Avenue Values in their classes.

Ants: Ananya and Brandon

Crickets: Avi and Imani

Grasshoppers: Leo and Frankie

Ladybirds: Kairo and Keshica

Bumblebees: Nathan and James

Below is a reminder of our Avenue Values.


Pride in achievements and self confidence.

Building relationships and team work.


Mutual respect and tolerance.

Health and Wellbeing Spring 2

This half term in our Health and Wellbeing lessons we are continuing the focus of getting along with others and strategies to resolve conflict. This is from the social strand of Health and Wellbeing.


We will continue to learn about how to recognise and resolve conflicts effectively and how to get along with others by understanding the similarities and differences between people.


We will be teaching the following skills: recognising conflict, how to negotiate without a teacher always there, being kind and making friends, the differences between fair and unfair, kind and unkind and recognising how different behaviour affects other people.

Home Learning Spring 2

The home learning for this half-term has now been sent home. We hope you enjoy completing the different activities at your own leisure. These do not need to be handed back to school.

Please find attached the documents that are included in this half-term’s home learning. This time we have not printed out all of the answers but instead have attached them on the blog for your reference if needed.

Many Thanks

Topic Spring 2

Maths Spring 2


Answers Week 1 size ordering

Answers Week 2 counting up and down in 10’s

Answers Week 3 making groups of 2

Answers Week 4 sharing race

Answers Week 5 shading half and quarter of shapes

Answers Week 6 finding quarter and half of objects

Mastery Challenges answers