Home Learning Autumn 1

The home learning for this half-term has now been sent home. We hope you enjoy completing the different activities at your own leisure. These do not need to be handed back to school.

Please find attached the documents that are included in this half-term’s home learning, including the letter which explains why we have transitioned from homework to home learning.

Home Learning Letter

Maths Home Learning Autumn 1

Topic Home Learning Autumn 1

This Week’s Learning


This week in Year 1, our  Amazing Me topic officially begun! We started by using our sounds to write our weekend news, which is something that we will do on a weekly basis, every Monday. We then thought carefully about our bodies and worked together to label a human picture, with the body parts we knew. Next, we thought about the functions of our body parts and tested them to see what movements we could make. Finally, we discussed the fact that we are all different and that this makes us special. We compared ourselves to our partners and were able to spot our physical similarities and differences.


This week in maths, we focused on understanding and representing numbers. We started by counting along the number line and discovered that as we count forwards, the numbers get bigger and as we count backwards, the numbers get smaller. This really helped us when ordering our numbers to 10 or 20, from biggest to smallest and vice versa. We then used cubes to represent numbers, by showing that we could count out a specified number of cubes. Following this, we moved on to matching picture cards to number cards, demonstrating that we understood how to represent a numbers through pictures.