Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Week  

This week was Anti-Bullying week and we celebrated this by thinking about how we are all different but equal. In our assembly, we listened to the story ‘The Little Bully’ by Beth Bracken. We explored how the character ‘Billy’ felt and discussed how bullying makes others feel. We also thought about who we could talk to if we wanted to share a concern and thought about the actions we could take to prevent bullying. In class we spoke about how everyone is different and how it is okay to like different things. We did a whole class tally to find out everyone’s favourite fruit and discussed our results – linking it to the importance of being kind to one another and celebrating our differences.


Class Teacher Awards

Well done to the following children who have received Class Teacher awards since the start of the academic year for demonstrating one of the Avenue Values in their classes.

Ants: Bobbie and Evie

Crickets: Rhea and Rory

Grasshoppers: Rachel

Ladybirds: Sara and Keya

Bumblebees: Ethan and Jakub

Below is a reminder of our Avenue Values.


Pride in achievements and self confidence.

Building relationships and team work.


Mutual respect and tolerance.

This Weeks’ Learning (w/b 13.11.17)


We started our week by writing our weekend news, focusing on using finger spaces between our words. We then read the story Where’s My Teddy and discovered that we were going to become authors; writing our own lost toy stories by the end of the week! We began by thinking about a toy that we were going to lose in our story and planned the adjectives that we would be including, to add more detail. We learned that many stories feature a repetitive phrase (phrase which is repeated on every page), so all used one in our stories. We enjoyed becoming authors and hope that you enjoy reading our stories during the open classroom event (28/11/17).


This week in maths we built on our knowledge of the number bonds to 10, with our focus on the number bonds to 20. We used numicon to investigate our number bonds and see how many number sentences we could create. We then challenged ourselves to instantly recall our number bonds to 20, by playing a matching game in which we had to find two number cards which could be added together to make 20. Finally, we applied our knowledge of the number bonds to 20, in order to solve some missing number problems.